Meet the Founders

Ratan is the brain child of two sisters, Sejal & Dhruvi. Sisters who have had childhood memories and promises of building an empire of their own. Those promises turned into memories as life went on a full circle. Both of them began their professional journey in their respective careers only to realize that their calling is something different.

Believing in themselves and trusting their instinct was the only way forward. Months of ground work, research and learnings went on before they could finally picturize their dream venture.   

When it came to a point where they had to name their brand, they already knew what it has to be!

Ratan is everything they ever wanted to be. Ratan is what inspires them to stick to their values & work hard to be an achiever. Ratan is kind, compassionate and creative. Ratan is a giver and a pure soul. Ratan is intelligent and funny.

Ratan is their “Grandmother” (Fondly called as - Badi Mummy)


Essence of Label Ratan

Our effort is to bring you high on quality designer outfits which not only looks good but fits good too!

At Label Ratan, our prime focus remains at bringing out the most appealing colors together. We perform a lot of tests and trials to set the perfect color combinations.

We believe that the first thing anyone notices about an outfit is its COLOR.  

We do not believe in the saying that only specific colors look good on specific skin types. Every color which is specially and specifically curated looks good on every woman.

At Label Ratan, we are directly involved into every step of curating an outfit. Right from designing to fabric sourcing to cuttings & tailoring – we keep an eye on everything we produce.

We strive to make a lasting impression on each of our customer by only delivering quality products.  We perform a patch test on each newly bought fabric to conform its Quality.